The Dossier

Founder & Headmistress, Sabrina Grace

There is never a need to buy new houseware again.

We are surrounded by an excess of beautiful antique tableware and linens, most of which have been sitting in a hutch unused for decades. Decades saturated with happy hours and afternoon delights, evidence of a more fanciful time gone by.

Offensively Domestic was created to breathe new life into traditional heirlooms. OD unearths vintage porcelain, and unique tableware finds, gives them a renewed, saucy personality, and curates them into provocative stories. Each item is hand-decorated with gold leaf paint and coated with an *FDA-compliant & VOC-free food-safe epoxy.

The perfect gift for the most brazen host, even if that happens to be you.

Go ahead, break out the good china...

Offensively Yours,
OD Xo.